Theories about
Simon Campos

'Responsible' for the BlackoutEdit

Simon, Lloyd Simcoe, and their compatriots were working on a project that was then used by someone else to cause the Blackout. This would seem to explain why one the people we know were "responsible" had a flashforward. Perhaps they're not responsible in the literal sense, but they feel so because it was their research that led to the event.

  • Lloyd felt responsible since their experiment coincided with the blackout.
  • It was said in "Revelation Zero, Part 2" that their experiment did indeed amplify the effects, but wasn't the primary cause of the GBO.

Simon and Lloyd as CoworkersEdit

Flosso and/or D. Gibbons conspired a long time ago to cause Simon and Lloyd Simcoe to become coworkers/researchers at NLAP. They kept tabs on the two, waiting until their collaboration would culminate in the experiment that they conceived, which would amplify their nefarious plan, while providing them with a cover.

  • Campos and Simcoe both had research stolen from them long ago.
    • Campos' plasma afterburner, and Simcoe's research on the consciousness of humans, crows, and elephants.
  • It was revealed in "Revelation Zero, Part 2" that Flosso took an active and interested role in directing Campos' education and research.
  • Simcoe's naivete and conscience is an asset to Flosso/Gibbons, since he (did) will confess his role without knowing others were complicit.

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