Somali Woman
1x14 Somali Woman
Actor Nina Onuora
First Seen "Better Angels"
Name Unknown
Status Deceased
Job Mother
Saw in Flash None

The Somali Woman was Abdi Khalif's mother. Abdi returned from the hills after the beta Blackout had begun and found his mother and all the rest of the villagers apparently dead. He fled. When he returned from a refugee camp he found the street of his village vacant and assumed that his mother and the others had been driven into exile. Abdi and Vogel's group learned from a videotape in the remaining tower that Abdi's mother had been interviewed about what she had seen in her consciousness shift in 1991. Later, in another room, the group found the skeletons of all the villagers. The Somali Woman's skeleton still had her necklace its neck.

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