Wedeck is not a bad guy? Edit

  • He shoots and hunts down the bogus SWAT team and takes cover in the bathroom to eliminate another SWAT member

Wedeck is a bad guy Edit

There are some hints that point to Stan being more than meets the eye, possibly a bad guy and/or a mole ("Playing Cards with Coyote") that has been mentioned.

  • He changes the story of his flashforward: First he claims to have been in a meeting, then in the (office) bathroom.
  • He claims to have regained consciousness in the bathroom, but moments before the GBO we see him standing next to Janis, talking to Mark and Demetri on a speaker phone.
    • He tells Janis to go to digital forensics after receiving pictures from Mark, there is at least 80 seconds remaining until the GBO (we see the Mark and Demetri in a car chase), enough time for him to go to the bathroom.
  • His waking-up story is accompanied by a very embarrassing mouth-to-mouth reanimation, making sure Mark doesn't talk to anybody about it.
  • If he did see himself in the bathroom, doesn't that mean he is in the office while Mark is being attacked?
  • When he suggests “Pigeon” to be a place with many pigeons, both Mark and Demetri make fun of this very far-fetched idea. It, however, turns out to be the right clue after all. The initial hint came from Didi Gibbons, who Stan is seen with late at night in the office. Feels like a setup. ("White to Play")
  • He is one of only two people Mark has told about the drinking in his flashforward.
  • He passes on a very generous promotion by the president and even blackmails him to stay in direct control of the Mosaic operation.
  • We never learn everything he was doing while the Senate hearing was in session. He left without explanation and shortly after the team was attacked. Stan was actually looking for Renee Garrigos with Janis' help, but that doesn't account for all his time.
  • Dave Segovia constantly hints at Wedeck being unmoral, presumable due to jobs he's done in the past.
  • He prevented Mark and Demetri from going to Somalia, although some very interesting evidence points there.
  • He tried to prevent Mark and Demetri from going to Hong Kong and totally lost it when he learned they had gone anyway. This seemed way out of character.
  • He arms a civilan (Aaron) and sends him to Afghanistan on a black operation. He lies to mark regarding Aarons whereabouts.

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