Theories about
The Gift

Mike Willingham Edit

Mike describes to Aaron how Tracy died in an ambush, causing him to come to Aaron to return the knife. This action, coupled with Tracy's description of the ambush in a later episode, brings forth a number of questions, so of which are in the Unanswered questions section of the article.

  • Why could Tracy not get he door open?
  • If Jericho had a vehicle, how could Mike escape on foot?
  • What happened to the other two troops?
  • Where did Tracy keep her pocket knife if not in her pocket?
  • If Mike could not approach Tracy, how did he retrieve her knife?

Based as much upon the absence of explanation as hard evidence:

  • Mike was recruited by Jericho, before the ambush.
  • Mike disabled the handle of the passenger door of the vehicle.
  • The other two troops were also somehow involved because they exited the vehicle from the driver side much too readily.
  • If we could see Mike's left forearm, we would see a three-star tattoo.
  • Mike is a plant to gain Aaron's confidence so Jericho can find and kill Tracy.

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