Three Stars Arm

Tattoo as seen on masked commando's arm in Benford's Flashforward

Three Star Tat Photo
1x03 Key Star Air

The star at L.A. airport ("137 Sekunden")

A tattoo featuring three stars was seen on the left forearm of one of the masked shooters who broke into Mark Benford's office and attacked him in his flashforward. ("No More Good Days")

A drawing of three stars of the same design was also pinned to the Mosaic Investigation wall in Mark's flashforward. While starting his recreation of the wall, as a part of the Mosaic Investigation, Mark recreated the drawing.

The stars have also been seen at the airport in the scene where Demetri meets his girlfriend, as seen in the image on the right. ("137 Sekunden")

The three-star tattoos are next seen on the men in Barstow, California who kill Neil Parofsky and Blanca and try to kill Ingrid Alvarez. ("Playing Cards with Coyote")

Key star air brochure

Key star air brochure and location on Nhadra's wall

Nhadra Udaya's wall also features a brochure of Key Star Air. ("A561984")


It was revealed by the producers in a video segment that the tattoo was inspired by a tattoo actress Christine Woods (Agent Janis Hawk) has on her right arm. Her tattoo is a set of three side-by-side circles. [1]

The stars are of a similar shape to that of the US Army's Bronze Star.


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