1x12 Victor
Actor Rodney Rowland
First Seen "Scary Monsters and Super Creeps"
Last Seen "Revelation Zero, Part 2"
Name Victor
Status Deceased
Job Thug
Saw in Flash Awake

Victor was an associate of Flosso. He posed as Simon's driver, taking him from Simon's father's funeral to a heliport so Simon could travel to Detroit. He may have traveled with Simon. He was with Flosso at the baseball stadium.


After the GBO ended, Victor escorted Simon away from Flosso in the stadium. Due to the fact that he and Flosso were responsible for the death of Simon's father, Simon strangled him to death, providing Simon with a "killer" story to tell if anyone asked about his flash.


Victor is the only minor character who was awake during the GBO.

He must have been very loyal to Flosso as he was awake during the GBO and also assigned to deliver Simon to the Baseball Stadium. However, Flosso does not once even mention to Simon about the fact that he murdered Victor.

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