Vinicius Machado
Character Gang Member
Date of birth 12 July 1982, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Vinicius Machado is the actor who portrays Gang Member, the passenger with attitude, and a heart of gold, that "insisted" the bus driver in Scary Monsters and Super Creeps get Dylan close to the Benford House on Halloween.

aka... Vini Baby and/or Delicious


Vinicius Machado's first major role came with Florida's award winning film "Real Premonition" (2004). He gained widespread recognition for his role on Nickelodeon's hit television series "Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide" (2005) as a foreign exchange student who falls in love with Jennifer Mosley, played by TV star Lindsey Shaw.

Vinicius landed notable recurring roles in "Lincoln Heights" (ABC Family) opposite Russel Horsnby and Michael Reilly Burke (2005). Machado soon started to consistently appear in other television series such as "The Shield" (FX), "Sleeper Cell" (Showtime), "Cold Case" (CBS), "General Hospital-Nightshift" (ABC-soapnet),to name a few.

Vinicius has earned an astounding reputation with his experience and professionalism for which he was offered a role in the film "Fast Glass" (2007) directed by "Kim Bass". He has part in the film "Get Smart" (June 2008 release) starring Steve Carell.


"If we love only those that love us back, what reward is in that?"

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