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Vladimir Petrov
Actor Adam Tsekhman
First Seen "Black Swan"
Name Vladimir Petrov
Status Alive
Job Drug Dealer
Saw in Flash "Big-time" drug dealer

Vladimir Petrov was a drug dealer working at the Customer Choice restaurant in Indio, California. ("Black Swan")

Mark Benford and Demetri Noh were led to the Customer Choice restaurant through a hint by Alda Hertzog. When the two agents identified themselves as FBI, Petrov grabbed his backpack and ran out of the restaurant. Benford and Noh chased him through a trailer park. The agents caught up to Petrov and handcuffed him. ("Black Swan")

Noh opened up Petrov's backpack to find a metal container inside, labeled "YELLOWCAKE". Noh assumed that yellowcake uranium was inside and that Petrov was a terrorist. However, Benford opened the container to reveal that it only contained marijuana, of which "yellowcake" is a strain. ("Black Swan")

Though under arrest, Petrov boasted that in his flashforward, he was a big-time drug dealer and compared himself to Scarface. ("Black Swan")

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