Most wanted terrorist poster

The poster as seen on Nhadra's wall

wanted poster of a terrorism suspect appears on Nhadra Udaya's Mosaic Investigation wall.   It appears on the bottom right of the wall.  This is one of the clues on Nhadra's wall that does not currently appear on Mark's similar board nor does it appear on the board in his flashforward. 

Included on the poster is a picture of a light-skinned (probably caucusian) man with short, dark hair.  Most of the text on the poster is too small and blurry to read, making it impossible to find his name, aliases, the country issuing the wanted poster, or any other interesting information.  However, the title of the poster lists him as one of the "Most Wanted Terrorists."  The fact that this is written in English may indicate the issuing country is a predominantly English-speaking nation but could be a translation from another country.

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

Unanswered questions
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  • Who is the man in the poster?
  • What specifically is he wanted for?
  • Are his alleged terrorist activities related to those of Khalid, Omar, and Alda Hertzog?
  • What is the significance of the man and/or the poster to the Mosaic investigation?
  • Will Mark find the same clue?  If so, when?
  • Why is the plural of “terrorist” used in the heading but only one person pictured?

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