1x02 Zack
Actor Curtis Harris
First Seen "White to Play"
Name Zack
Status Alive
Job Child
Saw in Flash Unknown

Zack is a boy who attends the same elementary school as Charlie Benford.

Character BiographyEdit

Before the BlackoutEdit

After the BlackoutEdit

Zack was one of several children who were playing "Blackout," in which children pretend to be experiencing the GBO, after which they share their Flashes. Zack called the end of the game. After several children recounted their said what they had seen, Zack asked Charlie, who had not lay down to play, what she had seen. When Charlie refused to answer, Zack, who was wearing a Super Shark shirt, grabbed her Squirrelio toy and pulled its arm off. Charlie pushed Zack, for which she was reprimanded. ("White to Play")

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